As a diverse team of skilled medical professionals with broad experience in many different areas, we look forward to providing you with personalized, and comprehensive health care focused on wellness and prevention.

Primary Care Providers

WellVet Physicians strive to build a relationship with each patient. From routine well-care visits to the unavoidable sick visits, you’ll enjoy easy access and personal care.

Home visits

If you are not able to attend our center, we will send a WellVet physician directly to your home to asses and treat you.

After-Hours Medical Care

Not feeling well? Need medical care after-hours? WellVet doctors are ready to see you or answer your questions, and are available 24/7. You are guaranteed quality health care any time, any day.


Relax while we bring your prescriptions right to your door! We fill any prescription prescribed by your doctor or a WellVet physician, as long as it is covered by your insurance. Leave your doctor’s appointment and go straight home to your family. We will deliver your prescriptions to you within 24 hours.

Physical Therapy

Our licensed therapist will create a personalized treatment plan to help improve your mobility, manage pain or chronic conditions, recover from an injury, and prevent future injuries, and chronic disease. Unable to leave your home? One of our licensed therapists are ready to come to you for rehabilitation services in the comfort of your own home.

Mental Health Counseling

From anxiety, to depression, to PTSD, our mental health professionals will work with you so you can achieve emotional wellness.

For your whitest teeth


Teeth whitening can provide a brighter, younger looking smile. Offering in-chair teeth whitening.

Problems with Hypertension?


Talk to one of our Internists for help in managing your high blood pressure.

Neck or back pain?


Our qualified physiotherapists  specialize in diagnostic and treating problems of the spine.



Our psychologist are highly trained and well qualified to provide therapy that is effective in delivering the best outcomes.

Professional medical services




Service is at the heart of what we do and we are dedicated to always look for ways to support our patients more effectively.



Our patients are not just number to us, but actual people that we care for as we would our own family. We strive to provide the best care and consideration for our patients which means going the extra mile.



Our team makes the difference, delivering the highest standard of professionalism throughout our patient’s experience.

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Dental Services

Complementary in house general dentistry services available for our patients. Minimize the need for expensive and painful dental treatments with regular general dentals visits ensuring good oral hygiene and dental health.

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease /Management plans form part of our commitment to the health of our veterans’ community. Our doctors can provide management plans for patients who suffer with a chronic medical condition.

Child Health

Most of our doctors provide child health services and work with their young patients and their families to provide a clam and safe environment. Give your kids a healthy start today by talking to your provider about your childs health.

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